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His Way An Unauthorized Biography Review

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By mary on
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This hard cover book entitled, " His Way, The Unauthorized Biography of Frank Sinatra " is written by Kitty Kelley. It is 575 pages long and it is filled with questionable information. Kitty Kelley went to great lengths to get this book published. Frank Sinatra used every tactic he could think of to prevent this book from ever being published. He even tried to stop this controversial book by bringing a 2, 000, 000 lawsuit against the author. But, it was all to no avail because Kitty Kelley had done extensive interviews with hundreds of people and had a fully documented and highly detailed portrait of the man behind the voice. She writes about Frank Sinatra's birthplace in Hoboken. New Jersey. She covers his many marriages, his rise to extraordinary fame and his connections with the underworld. Frank Sinatra had fabulous success as a singer and a movie star. His influence even extended to the White House. He was always in the limelight when he had violent encounters. Yet Frank Sinatra was an extremely generous man. He is credited with helping many people realize their dreams. I remember seeing Frank Sinatra at the Paramount theater in New York City in the 1940s. Young girls were absolutely swooning over this emaciated looking young singer. Some young guys who were brave enough started to pelt him with tomatoes. Needless to say, the girls in the audience swiftly put an end to that assault. I feel that Frank Sinatra was totally justified in not wanting this book published. I believe he had every right to select a biographer of his own choosing. Even though Frank Sinatra was a very well known public figure, I still feel that this unauthorized biography was an invasion of his privacy. Other people were also affected by the writing of this book. Nevertheless, much of this book was common knowledge to anyone who followed his career.