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Hold 'Em Poker For Advanced Players

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By pdcd on
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Hold 'em Poker for Advanced Players by David Sklansky and Mason Malmuth is one of the best available texts on intermediate and advanced concepts in limit Texas hold 'em.

It should be noted that 2+2 also published Small Stakes Hold 'em, which is a similar text. The difference is that Small Stakes Hold 'em is meant for beginning/intermediate players, while this book is meant for intermediate/advanced players. Many of the concepts covered in both are the same, and this book was actually published far before Small Stakes Hold 'em.

Sklansky presents starting hand charts, which are of utmost importance in limit hold em. The hand groupings can take a while to memorize, but even if you have a general feel for them you should do OK. Topics include how to play position, how to slowplay, bluff, checkraise, pot odds, implied odds, when you should draw, how to get a free card, playing in loose games or tight games, and playing shorthanded.

This book is truly a comprehensive text on the subject, and I find when I need a refresher on limit hold 'em, I page through this book rather than other literature such as Small Stakes Hold 'em or Super System 2. That's not to say this is the only book you need if you want to master limit, but it's definitely part of a winning set.