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Hold On, I Gotta Write This Review Down!

Reviewing: Norcom Inc. 70 Paged 1 Subject College Ruled Notebook  |  Rating:
btlover By btlover on
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Ah yes, there's nothing quite like writing an electronic review about a dead-tree version of a notebook. Not to mention, the irony that I originally wrote this review in said notebook. But, the truth is that practically no one really writes reviews for notebooks. However, because of my rising interest within writing stories and drawing pictures, I might as well do the unthinkable. This specific notebook that I hold is one that I carry with me whenever possible. It can be held, wrapped in a person's arms, or even shoved into a binder, allowing you to carry the notebook and many other notebooks (Ah, a great dream of mine ^_^). Usually, my reasoning for said taking of it is because I love writing multiple poems and stories when left someplace. Whether it be the park, at a coffee spot, or even in the middle of a traffic jam, writing certainly helps. Perhaps you can't comprehend just what sorts of things are available with this notebook? I'll explain with a few points. 1. Artists have the opportunity to not have to focus on perfect masterpieces, but on simple doodles. Small doodles to draw, like a creation from the interest of a deck of cards, producing a man who is like a joker himself, can truly make you appreciate just what sort of work you are doing. 2. Write a prose, or short story, or poem to enhance your rhyming. 3. Finish that school report you were supposed to have finished months ago (happened several times to yours truly) and many more.

Now, I suppose I should explain some disadvantages. For one, it's paper and can easily be torn to shreds, ridding you of any dreams to draw. It doesn't help that there's only 70 pages. Honestly, a school project I did comprised of 16 pages! How could it last me the entire school year, at this rate? That means I had to buy another notebook! Though, I suppose I should admit something. Part of those papers comprised of mostly drawings and fictional stories I wrote for my own time, so I would say that it varies from owner to owner how you use it and how many pages you'll use over time.

But, then again, this IS a notebook, after all, and it serves as the best we can offer for writing material in classrooms. Just make sure you use every piece of paper, writing on both sides. Meanwhile, excuse me while I send this review through the submitting process, automatically allowing me to show my review off instead of scanning a piece of paper onto my scanner/printer and using cut and paste constantly in order to make everything look right. Ha! I just praised paper AND destroyed it with a mighty back-hand insult! This notebook still gets a crisp 4 out of 5.