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Holes Dvd Got A Shovel? Cool! Bury This Dvd!

Reviewing: Walt Disney Home Entertainment Dvd Holes Rated Pg  |  Rating:
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I have never read the book, Holes, but I hear it's good. I certainly can't say the same for Holes, the movie. I think the main actors did the best they could with this, but I found this movie to be incredibly stupid. I have enjoyed Louis Sachar's Wayside School book series, so I expected so much more from a movie based on one his books.

The main character is falsely accused of stealing a pair of gym shoes from a charity auction and gets sent off to Camp Green Lake, which is something of a boy's prison. If this is supposed to be a comedy, the only time I laughed was when the camera first introduced John Voight. From there, I was surprised at how bad this movie was. Much of it would have been better suited to the cutting room floor.

It seems like the movie couldn't make up it's mind what it wanted to be and the characters were all over the place. I found it dark, depressing, with very few uplifting moments. The movie has it's share of violence, especially for one rated PG. The boys are mistreated and abused. I find the movie a very disturbing one, especially for kids. I did not like it on so many levels.

Holes deserves to spend the rest of it's life at the bottom of the deepest hole at Camp Green Lake. I do not recommend anyone waste their time watching this DVD.