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Home Multimedia Projector

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Because I spend so much time on the computer, I am often asked to help my busy friends. Many times they ask me to find them a certain item which they do not have the time or means to find. I will often purchase these items for them.

This is the case with this particular projector. I purchased it for a friend which has offered me the option of using it any time I want to use it. I have used it many times.

It was purchased for her freelance advertising business, but it can be used in many other ways. It can be used for home use or for any type of business person who wants to add some flair to their presentations.


* It has great video quality. The picture is clear, and the colors are vivid

* It has great sound quality.

* You can adjust the focus manually.

* It has a display for different languages.

* It is a versatile projector. You can show DVDs, games, home videos, video presentations, and video demonstrations. It can be used by individuals, businesses, advertisers, teachers, and many others.

* It is powered by a DC 12 volt power cord.

* It is has a projection display size of 30-159 Inches.

* It is easy to use and operate. (I am not all that mechanical and technical about these type of products. If I can use it with limited difficulty, anyone can.)

* The owners manual is easy to understand. Items mentioned and handled in the manual are clearly stated.

* Besides the main projector it comes with a remote control, owners manual, and all the cables needed to operate the projector.

* Projection distance is easy to maintain from one to five feet. Beyond five feet, the picture becomes distorted.

* The lamp uses 175 watts of power.

* It will show up well on a wall meaning that a separate screen will not be necessary unless the person prefers to use one.

(Other specification, information, pricing, and pictures of this product is available at Home Multimedia Projector [CVEQP-480H] - Wholesale Star.)


* Because focusing is done manually, it can be a little tricky to get the right focus. We have had little problems with this, but I can see where some people may have issues with it.

* Because of the limitations in distance, it will not work well in extremely large rooms.

* The unit is not really large, but it could be a bit troublesome to carry from place to place. We use a special bag, that my friend purchased, to transport the unit and accessories.

* If someone is wanting a projector with tons of bells and whistles, this is probably not the unit you will want. This is a basic model.

* Price of this item could be a bit outrageous. I purchased this item for my friend at eBay for $200.00, and later found it at the Wholesale Star for $319.25. If you were to purchase this projector at a regular retail price, it would be very over priced. There are cheaper and better projectors available.

Recommendations and Purchasing

I would recommend this product to people who want a decent quality projector, but who do not use it a bunch. If you are going to operate a projector rather often, you may want one with more features.

If you would like to purchase this product, you may try eBay. If you are unable to find it there you can visit Wholesale Star.

If you are looking for a smaller more compact projector or you just want a better model, take a look at the listing at Win Buyer. There is certainly a projector there to meet everyone's needs. These all vary in prices and in features.