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Home Box Filing System

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One of my goals for 2009 is t get my finances in order and begin the process of getting out of debt. I've never been ver organized, and that goes for my important documents as well as the rest of my home. So I decided it was time to set up a small filing system for bills and important documents that would be easily accessible so that I would actually take the time to properly put away papers.

My plan was to get a small plastic hanging file, but when I was out, I came across the HomeBox Filing System, and decided to give it a try. Even though I have only just started using it, I love it! The system consists of a really attractive black leather embossed file box (available online in a couple of other colours as well) complete with a ribbon-hinged lid and 9 plastic files labelled with each category of items to file (Vehicle, Health, Finances, Home, Household Management, Personal Papers, Recreation, and Career And Education.) Not only are the files labelled, but on each is a list of items to keep (either in the file or a fire-safe box), as well as tips related to the category, and a list of contact details that should also be kept for relevant people and services (such as doctor, mechanic, electrician, etc.)

The file box is very attractive, which is perfect if it will be in a visible area in your home - most people wouldn't guess that it's a fairly complete filing system just by looking at it! It is big enough that it can also accomodate extra file folders; I have added ones for bills to pay, plus paid bills in each category and other financial documents that don't fit in the provided files. The lid is also very important for me, as I have several pets who shed A LOT, and fur tends to get everywhere - so the lid keeps my documents clean and fur-free.

The downsides that I have found are that it is only available in letter size (although this isn't a downside for me), and that the files provided are envelope style, with no room for expansion. While I haven't yet filled one as I only just started using it, I could see certain ones filling up quickly. There are refill files available for sale online, but I would think plain file folders would work fine instead. I also think the items to keep lists should mention when certain ones should be kept in a fire-safe box.

Overall, this is a great product, perfect for anyone who is just starting a filing system or wants to revamp the one they have. The information provided make it super easy, and it looks good to boot!