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Homefront Ps3

Reviewing: Thq And Kaos Studios Homefront  |  Rating:
By laugraves on
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As soon as I got Homefront I popped it in and played it. I was very excited. The begging scenes were so amazing that it was leading me to think this game was going to be awesome. But I soon found out it was nothing special. The only thing I was really impressed on was its story line. Korea takes over the U.S. and destroys and takes over the people and the cities. You play as an ex-soldier who teams up with other people to help take back the U.S.. Most of the scenes are in peoples backyards, or in the streets, not in a war scene which makes it more interesting and realistic. That's what makes it so different.

The graphics are not too great, and I was fairly disappointed in that. It looks like it could be several years old if you look strictly with the graphics. The characters and firing move fairly slow, which is actually quite annoying. And people are already starting to complain about the graphics of this game, but the colors are really nice and crisp in the game.The sound is pretty descent, but nothing too spectacular. They could have put a lot more effort into both categories to make it a lot better of a game.

The game is fun though, don't get me wrong. I was lost in time playing in because I wanted to push deeper into the story. But the story mode is short and I beat it in three hours, which is another bad thing about this game. They do have an online option that is mediocre, but I wouldn't say it's the best online game. But none the less, it is very entertaining and somewhat different from most other shooting games.

Overall I'd say you're better off just renting the game and saving about $50. It's nothing you'd pull out to play with your friends, or give as a gift to someone. The only phenomenal thing about this game is the story line. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone because of the lack of good graphics and the fact that it is much slower compared to other shooting games, and personally think this game was a swing and miss. Basically if the game doesn't have a nice long story line and the game itself isn't all that great why buy it? But if you do want to try it out it's possible rent it, you should check it out and see for yourself.