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Homemaker Cast Iron Casserole

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I especially went to the shopping center to find a casserole that is big enough to accomodate my paella/seafood risotto. But what I wanted really was to find one that is also non-stick. I did not find the brand that I was looking for but I have found this Homemaker Cast Iron Casserole at Kmart. The size was good and I love its color of bright red.

The only thing that made me think twice whether to buy it or not is the weight of this casserole since it is made of iron. With its price of $45Ausd I thought that I can afford it anyway plus the fact that the brand I was looking for is really very expensive. So I settled for this brand and was happy to purchase it.

I cooked my paella in this casserole that night. Since it is not non-stick some of the rice and ingredients got sticky at the bottom of the casserole. It was my fault though because I should have not put it on high fire. Iron casseroles like this must only be put on medium or low fire. This is because the casserole gets too hot because it is made of iron. The advantages though of this product is that it is energy efficient and heat is distributed evenly which lets you cook your food in a shorter time. This is also scratch resistant.

Homemaker Cast Iron Casserole has 5 year guarantee. It is suitable for all stovetops- electric, gas, ceramic, halogen and induction.

Overall, I am happy with this purchase. This is a kind of product that can last for a lifetime. A couple of decades from now though, I might already have big muscles since cleaning this iron casserole requires strong arms- it's so heavy!