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Homemedics Shiatsu Massaging Cusion With Heat

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Christmas this year had a "relaxing" theme in our home. As one of my gifts my oldest daughter decided that because I do a lot of writing at the laptop, just having a comfy chair wasn't quite enough. She wanted me to have a really relaxing time so she purchased this Shiatsu Massaging Cushion with heat.

This is a nifty little idea and I actually have it running right now as I'm typing this ;) There are two types of massage motions -one is the Shiatsu and the other is the Rolling. When the heated "massage balls" run down the length of the back it really feels quite soothing. The Shiatsu is a more vigorous massage which not only glides up and down the back area but works in circular motions to mimic actual maseuse motions. The rolling massage is more gentle and simply moves up and down the back in a vertical motion to reach from the lower back area up to the shoulder area.

The unit comes with a remote control so that I can set the massage to a Shiatsu Full, Upper or lower back massage as well as setting it to a "spot" massage anywhere along the way. The heated massage balls shouldn't be used for more than three minutes if using the spot massage to avoid possible burns - although the balls do not get that hot - just a soothing warmth.

I usually have problems with my shoulder areas or my lower back area and the shoulder area (upper) massage actually works quite well to loosen these areas. I love the shiatsu massage - it's quite intense but really gets deep massage results. The rolling massage is more gentle and massages in a straight line up and down the back.

The only issue I have with this neat little cushion, which is shaped with a full back and seat and looks like a racing seat :) - is that once you power the unit off, the rollers move back into the lowest position (lower back) which means that if you want to continue to sit on the cushion without having to remove it, you'll have the roller balls sort of poking into your lower back area. I just slipped a little cushion behind me and I'm as comfy as I think I will get without actually falling asleep ;)

I don't know how much these units are actually going for but in my investigation I was shocked to discover that this particular unit I have is almost $200. Overall, I can see myself using this frequently, but as I suffer from Fibromyalgia there are certain areas of my back that are a little tender when this unit is working, especially in the Shiatsu mode - but that's were the gentle rolling massage seems to work really well.

I'm pleased with this gift and now sitting at my laptop won't be quite the pain that it can sometimes be.