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Homeopathic Teething Relief

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Amy Curtis By Amy Curtis on
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I bought these for my son when he started showing the first signs of teething because I had heard that they were a more natural alternative to regular pain relievers. They seemed to do their job fairly effectively in that he usually calmed down and seemed like a much happier baby. That was however after we finally figured out how to get him to take them! The tablets dissolve quickly "under the tounge" which is, in theory, a good thing! The only problem is trying to get the tablets under the tounge of a fussy, screaming three month old with out pulling your hair out! On the packaging it says that they can be diluted in a tablesspoon of water or liquid. This seemed to be the best way to get him to take these without a major issue but then we had to carry a medicine syringe around with us to be able to give it to him without him spitting it right back out because of the tounge thrust instinct babies are born with. I have recently discovered that they make the same formula in a drop form so we will definitely be purchasing those next time!