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Homeopathic Teething Remedy Works Wonders!

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Tanya Pecora By Tanya Pecora on
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Like many parents I dreaded teething. The crying, whining, fever and pain. A friend introduced me to this product when my son began teething. It was a godsend! It is super convenient, each box contains 20 premeasured 1oz doses. Simply twist the top off the plastic capsule and squeeze the iquid into your child's mouth. Can be repeated every 15 minutes, unlike regular medicine. I found DS always settled after the first dose. He also loved the taste, so he never argued with me about taking it! He even asked for it once he got older and was finished teething!


• Pre-measured, no worries about giving too much or too little

• Contains only all natural ingredients, Chamomilla vulgaris, Phytolacca decandra, Rheum officinale and purified water.

• Can re-dose after only 15 minutes

• Pleasant taste

• Easy to administer


• good for 4 months and up, a problem if your child starts teething early


Fantastic all natural teething product. There are no preservatives and no drug interactions to worry about. I also love that if the 1st dose doesn't work, you can re-dose after only 15 minutes. I recommended this to all my friends when their kids started teething, and each time I got a phone call, thanking me. I have yet to hear of a child for whom this doesn't work. Well worth the money!