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Honda Hrx217 Hma

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mustangsally82 By mustangsally82 on
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Honda's reputation is a good one: my parents bought this lawnmower and I use it to mow their yard and my own. This lawnmower is self-propelled, which is a great feature. I live in a mountainous area, and my one-acre yard is mostly on an incline. It is truly amazing how this one feature can make mowing the grass so much easier.

This mower weighs 104 pounds, and the cutting width is 21 inches. The engine is model GCV190 and the owner's manual describes it as a 4-stroke, overhead-cam, single-cylinder, forced air-cooled engine. The handlebar can be adjusted to three different positions, which is good for taller or shorter people. It also folds down for transporting or storage.

You can adjust the height on all four wheels to cut your grass as close as 3/4 of an inch or as long as 4 inches, with settings also found at 1 1/4 inch, 2 inches, 2 1/2 inches, 3 inches, and 3 1/2 inches. It has a bag that you can either use to collect your grass or you can take it off and have the mower mulch the grass and discharge it on the ground as you mow. To select whether you bag or mulch you simply move the clip director lever on the mower: you can choose from 10 different settings with different degrees of mulching and bagging.

I am embarrassed to say that I haven't used a lawnmower in a really long time, and I had to learn how to use this one all over again. I was intimidated by this thought, but it is so easy even for a novice. Because my mower has an electronic start option, I simply put the handle on "Choke" when the engine is cold, and turn the key. It starts just like any other ignition, and then I move the selector from "Choke" to "Fast". To get the blades turning I depress a yellow button on one of the two bars (the blade control lever) that folds into the main handlebar, and then to get the cruise control to go I depress the second bar (the drive clutch lever), and the mower moves forward all by itself.

You can set the speed of the mower depending on how fast you walk or what kind of terrain you are mowing. I have short legs and don't take big steps, but I keep the mower on the third click from the slowest setting. I never feel like it is running away with me. When I mow down a hill I release the lever that engages the cruise control, and gravity keeps it going at a manageable speed.

In addttion to the electronic start, this mower also has a traditional pull-start. There's a good reason for this: the electronic start is powered by a battery which has to be charged. If you don't charge it you still have a back-up way to start the mower.

This mower is a true dream, and it makes the chore of keeping the grass trimmed as easy as it can be. I'd recommend it to any woman who wants more than just a basic mower. It's easy to start and it pulls itself up hils. What more could you ask for besides a man to do it for you? ;)