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Honey Lemon Eau De Toilette Or A Cough Drop?

Reviewing: L'occitane Honey & Lemon Eau De Toilette  |  Rating:
scotlas71 By scotlas71 on
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L'Occitane Honey and Lemon Eau de Toilette could be summarized in few words - or sounds: ew!, yuch, pass me the cough drop!

For the purposes of reviewing with acceptable content, I shall struggle through this.


I first encountered this catastrophe while enjoying a pleasant lunch with one of my friends. She seemed to love it and found it so "pleasant and fun" that she was kind enough to purchase a small bottle for me. Knowing that I am a "musky" type of gal, I thought for a moment that she have mistaken me for someone else, but graciously accepted her gift, all the while hoping that there was no silent expectation of my dousing myself as we ate! Fortunately, I was wearing my preferred brand and had the perfect excuse to "wear it tomorrow" - when she would not be with me to notice its absence.


My words may sound a little harsh, it is only a fragrance after all, but if I may be so bold as to ask you to close your eyes and imagine the aroma of a sugar coated Riccola that had been seeped in a vat of extra sweet honey for a week... This could easily be mistaken for a cough drop that had been melted and applied laboriously to ones skin!


The age group that comes to mind with this particular Eau de Toilette would be the 3-7 year old bracket. It's a "Barbie-esque" scent that I doubt many women over 10 years old would enjoy although its packaging yells "frumpy" and dated a very confused branding strategy.


As to the packaging. Its bright yellow box is a bold indication that this is perhaps not the most tastefully considered fragrance and the bottle itself seems to remind me of a throwback from the 70's. A beveled glass that one can only presume is designed to somewhat resemble a honeycomb? Maybe? Nothing fancy and personally, nothing attractive in the least!

The concoction consists of a sickly combination of honey, lemon, vanilla and caramel - overkill at its most extreme! The manufacturer proudly promotes that this Eau de Toilette "evolves into a more sugary scent as it wears on" - why? This is already enough to send me spiraling into a sugar-coma! Diabetics beware !

Individually I can see the appeal of these fragrances, as individually, I enjoy them all. I love vanilla, I love lemon (more so in a body wash) and honey and caramel are divine, but just because I love ice cream equally as much as I love cheese, does not mean that I want to eat cheese flavored ice cream!

Fortunately, this aroma fades rather quickly - not a selling point with most brands, but a definate plus with this one. I can't comment on the change of scent after wearing for a period of time, as it just seems to vanish completely!

The price point is fair if you enjoy smelling like a popsicle, averaging at around $40 for a 100ml bottle, although I would recommend spending that $40 on something you may actually enjoy!

Update On Jul 03, 2009: Don't ask me why, but I just paid a visit to the L'Occitaine store and I found a GREAT perfume there - it's a myrrh and patchouli combo and it is divine - if you read this review you are probably VERY surprised that I stepped foot in there LOL!