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Honor Harrington Series

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Samuel Davis By Samuel Davis on
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Is anyone else here familiar with the exploits of Honor Harrington? She is the main character of the Honor Harrington series, which spans 11 science fiction books written by David Weber. She is also featured in two other books by David Weber. It starts with On Basilisk Station and continues through tne more books, concluding with At All Costs. It is set in the far distant future.

Honor Harrington is an officer of the star-faring Royal Manticoran Navy. The series mostly focuses her career from the rank of commander to full admiral, a span of about 20 years. She is depicted as a tough, no-holds barred, no nonsense naval officer fully devoted to her Queen and her duty. She is very much respected and revered by her subordinate officers, hated by political enemies within the Manticoran government and feared by the Republican of Haven, which the Star Kingdom of Manticore has been in an off-and-on war with for nearly 400 years.

Although the primary focus is on her career as a naval officer the series also gives explicit details of her personal life, such as her relationship with Nimitz, her empathic alien treecat companion who is almost always by her side. Other supporting characters who are featured thoroughout the series and play vital roles in her personal and professional life include Alistair McKeon, Scotty Tremain, Benjamin Mayhew, Michell Henke, Horace Harkness, Alice Truman, Hamish Alexander, Raphael Cardones, Queen Elizabeth III and her parents, Alfred and Allison Harrington.

And there also the frequent star battles between ships of the Manticoran Navy and the Republic of Haven.

It is great to see not only how she comes to grips with the important roles she plays in universal diplomacy and politics but how the friendship and trust grows between her and her subordinates from the first book to the last. She is a tough, strong-willed woman, both physically and mentally, who deals splendidly with not just the heavy responsibilities and tasks which she is given but with frequent emotional personal loss and tragedy. She falls frequently but at no time is she ever completely out.

She could be seen as a female version of Capt. Kirk. In fact, if you liked Capt. Janeway of Star Trek: Voyager then you'll love Honor Harrington.

Although the series is mainly science fiction it touches into other genres enough to captivate a wide audience. It is filled with drama, suspense and many action sequences. Readers of political dramas will also loves this series. There is even romance.

If you haven't already, I highly recommend proceeding to Amazon to purchase all eleven books.