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Hoover Deluxe Elite Vacuum Cleaner

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I purchased this Hoover Elite Deluxe vacuum cleaner about six weeks ago. I really thought it was going to be a nice vacuum cleaner, but there are problems. I am considering returning it to the store.

I guess I should have known since it was pretty inexpensive, but we have gotten other inexpensive vacuum cleaners that did not give us trouble.

Here are the good things: I love the retractable cord! If you hold the plug while retracting, you won't get hit with it. The attachments fit easily onto the vacuum. The suction is pretty good, for now. There is a little hook to hold the electric cord up while you are vacuuming, so it does not get sucked into the bottom of the vacuum cleaner, and believe me, it would. The bag is pretty easy to empty. I don't have to buy bags any longer.

Here are the nit-picky things: The shut off pedal is in an odd, hard to find place. The hose is way too short! I have never had such a short hose on any vacuum cleaner. Makes it hard to clean hard-to- reach places. The pedal you step on to put your vacuum cleaner at an angle to start vacuuming, is rather bothersome and ends up slightly slamming the vacuum into the floor. Maybe that just takes getting used to. The vacuum cleaner is also a little hard to push, no matter what level floor you choose. Sometimes dirt is shot out from the bottom instead of staying inside. We had a lot of trouble with our tiny Christmas tree needles being blown out some how. Oh, and the electrical cord is too short!

Here are the bad things: In all my years of vacuuming, I never had a vacuum cleaner start to smoke within seconds of sucking something up that gets caught - for example, a cloth tie from one of my chair covers got sucked into the vacuum cleaner accidently and within two seconds, the vacuum was smoking. I am afraid to let anyone else in the house use this machine. I have experienced the burning rubber smell with other vacuum cleaners after several seconds of a problem, but smoke within seconds? Never! This has happened about three times already, even though I am trying to be very careful. When it does happen, I can't shut off the vacuum quick enough due to the location of the shut off pedal. The smokey rubber smell lingered in the house and it was awful. I am a little afraid of this vacuum cleaner and that is why I am thinking of returning it.

Added notes: About the bagless feature. I never thought I would like a bagless vacuum cleaner. I didn't want to empty something so dusty into my garbage. Now that I have a bagless cleaner, I do not mind it at all. I would definitely buy another bagless vacuum cleaner, but I also don't mind buying bags if it means more dust stays where it should - in the bag!

I suggest you read other reviews on this vacuum on additional sites because there seem to be other problems associated with this machine. Belt replacement is one problem I feel I am headed for quickly. I forsee problems with this vacuum cleaner and it is for these reasons, I may locate the receipt and see if I can still return it.

*sigh* I do not look forward to having to start all over again looking for a new vacuum cleaner.

Update On Jul 31, 2009: This is an update. This vacuum cleaner goes down in history as the worst vacuum cleaner I have ever owned. The experience was so bad, I will NEVER purchase another Hoover again. After using this piece of junk for only one year, we ended up throwing it in the trash. Not only did the suction become almost non-existant, this machine actually started spitting the trash back out! The last thing that happened before dumping this inferior machine into the alley, was that the rubber electrical cord split! I have never had that happen before. The vinyl covering the wires must have been the absolute cheapest material Hoover could find. Yes, I am kicking myself for not taking this horrible item back to the store as I knew I should. I didn't feel like packing it all back up again and lugging it back to the store, but I should have. Please do not buy this vacuum cleaner! You will be sorry. Hoover should be ashamed.