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Hop Hop Do The Baby Bop Hop

Reviewing: Hi T Entertainment Barney 14 Inch Baby Bop Plush  |  Rating:
By ladychai on
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Over the years, children have come to love the purple T-rex named Barney. His family have grown as well and one of the most notable dinasaur is Baby Bop. Being a three year old green triceratops, she is wise for her age, naive sometimes but otherwise frank.

I have seen my daughter to somehow imitate Baby Bop's attitude. My cousins, aunts and other relatives said my daughter is very mature for her age. She does not baby talk and somehow she tries to make sure that she pronounces her words as correctly as possible. Baby Bop has a yellow blanket she calls as blankey and my!, whenever my daughter gets hold of either a blanket, a towel or any piece of cloth that is square, she will call it her blankey.

This Baby Bop plush doll was actually my cousin's doll, this was given to her by her Aunt who lives in Australia. The moment my daughter saw this doll, she never let it go so my cousin had no choice but to give it to her.

What I love about this doll is how similar it really looks to the actual Baby Bop. I have seen a B.J. doll and it is far from how the character looked. This is actually one of the dolls that my daughter would play over and over again.

The only thing about this doll is that it does not have any special effects, no sounds no movements just plain plush. I have seen a similar doll in the toy store and the price is rather shocking. I won't pay Php1000+ for a mere plush doll, if ever I would have to buy my daughter a doll as expensive as that, I have to make sure there is something extra to it, maybe a talking, singing or moving.

I love the softness of the doll though and how huggable it is. I like the size too, it really fits my daughter's arms. Since the doll was for free, I can say I really love this doll.