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Hormone Free Birth Control

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I'm sorry I'm writing about things that involve my nether region again but, I think this information here may be really useful. I have the ParaGard & I must say it's great. I had it "installed" after our second child because we weren't sure if we wanted to have more children & I wanted a hormone-free birth control. Many of my friends have hormone based methods & everyone has some side effect whether it's weight gain, headaches, mood swings, etc. Thank GOD I have had none. The ParaGard somehow magically keeps you unpregnant with a simple copper wire inserted into your uterus. When the OB inserts the ParaGard he/she will numb the area & it'll feel like a small cramp. Then after it's inserted you may experience slight cramps & heavier bleeding but, if you've had kids it's nothing you can't handle. Your flow cycle will resume to it's natural state in a couple months but, having one less thing to worry about is worth it. If you decide to have children, the OB can simply remove it & you can get back in business. It lasts for 10 years & should be checked every year with each pelvic exam. If you're interested I highly in speaking with your OB because this isn't for everyone. If you've had a PID, certain reproductive cancers or infections, Wilson's disease, or might be pregnant this is definitely NOT for you. So please check with your doctor & do a bit of research on your part to make sure this is right for you.