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Horror Game? Or Horrible Game?

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Clive Barker, the mind behind the Hellraisier horror series, has created his own game entitled Jericho. This game boasts an innovative game system and promises to be scary, but in the end, feels like a more of a HORRible game than a HORROR game.

First off, the story is bad. You start out as the leader of the Jericho squad, a Men In Black like military organization set out to stop all the paranormal religious activity out there. You've been set out to stop the Gnostic cult from resurrecting their god and bringing destruction to the world. You enter their religious stomping grounds, and after the first few levels, your character dies. Yup, main character dies just like that. But that's where the games big innovation comes in.

When you were killed, you were given this ability to enter the bodies of your teammates and control them. Each teammate has their own abilities so each character plays completely different. While this is a cool idea, all of the team mates play miserable. Most of their "unique" talents go wasted and you'll find yourself finding one character you like and playing them through the whole game. The game does force you to play other characters in other to advance through the level, but either than that, there is really no reason to switch characters.

The gameplay is like any of your first person shooters out there. Get your weapon, point, and shoot. But the problem here is, your enemies take 10 thousand shots to kill it feels like, where as they can mow down your whole squad single handedly. It literally takes all of your team members and their poor AI to kill a small group of these demons.

Speaking of poor AI, I'm really talking poor. The game brags about it's team control and how knit your unit will feel, but it's like herding blind and deaf sheep. They will run straight into the fight and do nothing but die over and over again. You will spend a majority of the game healing your own teammates for being retarded. Talk about a letdown.

The one and only positive thing I have to say about this game is that the boss characters look really cool and kind of freaky. You can tell they come from the mind of a horror writer. But the in game enemies that you will face over and over again are so bland and took no talent to come up with. So you will see the same stupid enemies millions of times in the game. So you'll quickly become bored with the swarms of same looking foes.

Overall, this game is a big waste of time and money. If you really want to try it, I would at least rent it. But in no way, shape, or form, should you pay any amount of money for this game past $10. This game is complete crap. The true horror of this game is that I sat down and tried to play it.