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Horror Movie: Baby Blues

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By mellaview on
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Baby Blues truly surprised me, because for the past few months, every time I rent a horror flick they end up being extremely stupid, non-scary, and filled with bad acting.

Baby Blues though took me for a ride.

Basically it is about a mom who recently gives birth. Shortly after you notice that she begins taking on some strange behavior patterns, however you are not sure if she is just being haunted, or if there is something truly wrong with her.

At any rate, her husband is always on the road driving a box truck, and she is left home to care for the new baby, her 2 sons, and young daughter.

The husband is on the road and she ends up finding a matchbook in his pocket when doing laundry which sends her into some over the top crazed psycho mom. Seriously it's like Mommy Dearest on steroids.

It is up to the oldest son to protect his siblings from their crazy mother.

All in all the plot was excellent, the movie was frightening, and it really had me on the edge of my seat waiting and praying for the children's safety.

Baby Blues is based off of actual events, and the moment you start watching the flick, you will know which event was actually the 'based on actual events' scene.

Baby Blues is a must for those of you whom love a good horror flick, because this one will not disappoint.