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Horror Movie Review: The Substitute

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By mellaview on
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I decided to rent the movie The Substitute because in all honesty the DVD's back case seemed like it had a good plot to it.

The movie began and it actually seemed like it was going to be a good movie. However the more and more it went on the worse it got.

Basically The Substitute is about an Alien from another planet that comes to earth to abduct humans to learn about love. The alien takes over the body of a human and becomes the teacher to a class of 6th graders.

One child though notices something strange about her, and quickly learns shes an alien with an evil plan up her sleeves. He tells the other children about it, and they too find that she's not a human.

Convincing their parents shes a green monster from outer space though is another story!

During a class trip though it is up to one boy to save the rest of his peers, and his father from being abducted.

Although the plot sounds cute, its not meant for children as there is blood, and some parts that are a little too scary for young children.

And although the plot sounds decent it plays out horribly. Not only that the movie is not in English, so you have the option to watch it with subtitles or with the English voice overs which sound like cartoon characters, making the flick even worse than it is.

The Substitute had a chance to be a great movie, but there were far too many scenes thrown in the flick that went absolutely nowhere.

Its a skip in my opinion.