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Hot From Hbo: Rome Season Two

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After enjoying season one of Rome, I called my local Family Video weekly in anticipation of season two of Rome to go on sale. Once it finally did, I high-tailed it to pick it up before anyone else could. Most of the characters are back from season one, sans Julius Caesar, for an enjoyable ten episodes.

We left off with Caesar being murdered in Rome, and now there is hell to pay from the citizens. Marc Antony, Brutus and Octavius are all fighting for control of Rome as Titus and Vorenus are fighting for their families. Cleopatra causes an instant fit of jealousy from Atia, as she sways Marc Antony to her liking. A lot of the history is correct, which pleases me.

There is more action in season two of Rome compared to season one, but I think it speeds things up a bit and causes more edge-of-your-seat watching. The acting is again superb, and by the time the end of the series comes, I find myself laughing, loving and crying with the actors. If you have not yet seen this HBO series, I highly recommend it!

Word of caution to parents: make sure your young children are in bed or a different room as there is still a lot of nudity, violence and drug use.