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Hot Fuzz

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By janna on
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Living in Scotland for many years taught me to appreciate British humor. While most days I am stuck watching BBC America of PBS to get my fix of that great English humor every once in a while a great British film will make it big state side.

Hot Fuzz tells the story of police constable Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) who is transferred to a small and seemingly peaceful village in the English countryside. Angel has a hard time adjusting to his new life and his new partner, the buffoonish Danny (Nick Frost). Danny is obsessed with American police action films and longs for a life where he can participate in "real police action".

While policing hits small village Angel soon realizes that not all is what it seems, such as why the town has such a high accident rate that results in gruesome and hilarious deaths.

I found Hot Fuzz to be one of the funniest films of 2007. The death scenes (and there are many) are clever and really bloody. The humor, while certainly British, translates well to the United States. This movie is rated R for good reason. While there is no nudity or really any sexuality in this film the language is very coarse. While many may classify this film as a spoof, I would not because to me a spoof is silly and while this film is funny it is not silly.

I found the extras that are offered on this DVD to be quite entertaining. The extras include a bloopers real (that actually is not that funny), deleted scenes, documentary, an interesting facts commentary and many more.