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Hot Spot Treatment For Your Dog

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klkwid By klkwid on
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Every year my lab suffers from allergies. It always happens in the spring and fall especially. He gets all itchy everywhere and he starts licking and scratching pretty much all over his body, but mostly on his feet. Poor guy licks SO much down there that the area around his pads start to bleed sometimes. One of the worst places for a dog to get an infection is on his feet because they're always dirty. They run through you-know-what and it's a hard place to bandage up because they can reach their feet pretty easily. In an effort to try to avoid the bleeding and potential infection, I've tried several different anti-itch medications for him. I've used cortisone creams and ointments and they seem to work very well, but they're messy and he licks it right off. I came across this spray upon a visit to Petco one day and thought I'd give this one a try. Most of the other sprays were ineffective so I didn't have much hope for this either, but I had to try. This is the best one so far. It helps stop the licking, so I know the itching is at least a little relieved. The tea tree oil, chamomile, and aloe vera in the spray help to lubricate and condition the skin.

The good thing is that this works. The bad thing is that it's messy (it has tea tree oil, so if you spray it around a hard floor it's slippery and I'm sure it would stain fabric), but once it's on the dog it stays on pretty well, so it's just the actual spraying that's messy. One other bad thing is that you have to reapply it frequently. We did it about 3 times a day on bad days and that seemed to help. I don't think it stings, but he acted like he didn't like the spraying on his feet (I think he gets offended when I spray him with things that make him smell other than wet dog, dead animal, or poop).

This is a good choice for an owner who wants to keep things natural while helping any itch your dog has. This is safe for use all over the body, but don't use in the eyes or ears.