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Hot Tools Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer

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Tina Lehman By Tina Lehman on
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Sparks began to come out of the end of my old hair dryer just as Christmas approached last year. Luckily Santa was good to me and brought me a Ceramic Ionic hair dryer from Hot Tools!

This hair dryer is really nice! It has variable heat and speed settings, probably 6 or 7 of each, which is a lot more than the traditional 'hi' and 'lo' speeds, and the 'hot, warm cold' settings you normally see. You can set the air to have an ionic charge as it comes out, which is supposed to reduce static electricity. I was skeptical that it would work, but it did! The dry winter air no longer had a flyaway hold over my hair! Thank you Santa!

The highest heat and speed setting is farily quiet, and not-too-hot. The lowest setting is perfect for kids' hair.

A nice thing about the digital setting on this dryer is that wherever you set it, it stays there when you turn the dryer on the next time.

My main complaint about this dryer is that the buttons are hard to push. I use this dryer to dry my hair and my daughter's hair, so I have to swtich the settings often. You can't really feel the buttons with your fingers, so you have to look for them to adjust it. Then you have to press fairly firmly for a second or two before the setting changes. If you do not have to change the settings much on your dryer, this won't be much of an issue.