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Hot Weather Misery Calls For Neck Buddy

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As anyone who suffers in the heat knows, it's often hard to get relief. I'm one of those people who overheats very easily and while everyone else is either comfortable or cold, I'm sweating.

A few years ago, a shop where I was working began selling the Neck Buddy. It was just in the package and I didn't think much about it. One day, I decided to open one, follow the directions and see what happened. I figured that if it could be seen in its working condition, we'd sell more. Boy, was I right!

The Neck Buddy comes as a flat scarf-type tie that you wear around your neck or forehead. It is filled with gel-type crystals that expand and soften once immersed in water. I took one to the bathroom and followed the directions. It was quite simple and fun to watch. I soaked it in a sink of cold water for about 10 minutes, then used my fingers to spread the crystals out that I felt inside the wrap. I put it back into the water and waited about 20 more minutes. After 30 minutes, the flat fabric in the package was now a nice round, cool and damp neck wrap. It was amazing!

Next came the test and being the hottest natured person in the shop, I volunteered to try it out. It wrapped loosely around my neck with ties in the front to secure it. It felt heavenly! Within a couple of minutes, I could feel myself cooling down and I wore it the rest of the day. At the end of the day, I took it off and left it at the shop.

When I returned the next day, I was surprised to see that it had held it's shape and it's coolness overnight. Again, I put it on and wore it as I worked. Customers noticed it and asked about it and we began to sell them. In fact, we sold a lot.

The Neck Buddy is also great for headaches, fevers and even sprains. Women who suffer night sweats often use this to help keep them cool. Runners, golfers and other types of active people use them quite often. The Neck Buddy remains cool all day and it is never to be refrigerated, which is a huge bonus because it is so easy to take anywhere.

On days I didn't want to wear it, but felt I needed to cool down a bit, I'd wrap it around one wrist and that would cool me down. This thing quickly became a daily accessory for me. They come in a large variety of designs and colors, from patriotic, birds, bandana, florals, solid colors and even camouflage. I bought several so I could coordinate with whatever I was wearing.

As you wear the Neck Buddy, after a while it may not feel like it's cool anymore. That's because the heat from your body has warmed it. Simply roll it over and the other side will be cool. You can do this all day long.

After 2 or 3 days, the wrap starts to slowly dry out. It will still feel cool to touch, but will shrink back to it's orignal size. If you wish to reuse it, place it in cool water again and within minutes you're ready to go. When you are finished using it, simply lay it out and let it dry and then put it away until the next time you want it. It can be reused and can also be washed by hand with a little soapy water.

I was so impressed with this product that I bought 3 dozen and sent them to a friend who was stationed in Iraq. He shared them with his fellow soldiers and told me how much they helped during those extremely hot summers.