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Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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The washing machine being reviewed, is one I have owned for quite a number of years, and I do recommend them. It's coloured silver, but Hotpoint call it Graphite. They are also available in white of course.

It's door release is very good, because it opens soon after the washing is over.

It's not particularly noisier than any other machine.

It is very easy to clean, just a wipe with a damp cloth on a regular basis will do, although I tend to give it a spring clean, followed by a coat of polish. There's a fair bit of plastic used in the construction, which is good, because it doesn't rust.

There is little vibration, it's also very smooth, and I am well pleased with it.

The machine cleans clothes just like it should, on all the settings. There are no less than twelve different programmes.

The spin cycle works a treat, and clothes are spun dry as you should expect. The machine spins at 1400 rpm, although you do have the option to spin slower, i.e. delicate clothing. Apparently anything above 1000 rpm is good.

This Hotpoint machine works well with different types of wash powder too, and the same applies to the fabric softener.

The capacity is seven kilos, this is dry weight. This would be adequate for most homes.

The efficiency rating is class A, and something I am not familiar with, the "Centrifugal Efficiency" is class B.

As for it's price, expect to pay anything from £200 upwards, less if you shop around. Remember the credit crunch, ask for a discount and you should get something. This is a good time of year to buy any white goods, just remember to allow for delivery, or tell the shop that their competitors offer free delivery!

This model is a front loader, just like a La Senza Bra!. This is typical of most modern machines.

The sizes are 85cm by 69cm, so it will fit under a standard sized worktop.

These still have the plastic drawer for powder & fabric softener, but you can still use a ball if you like.

One difference I found compared to my old machines, is the hoses, there is only a single one in modern washers, This is because most modern materials only need a cool wash, the days of boiling whites are long gone.

The washer also has a "Fast wash" setting, & also a time saver mode, it is also enhanced for heavily soiled items, and also hand wash programme, most machines tend to have these settings nowadays.

Warning lights etc. These are very good, and tell you when the load is finished, and remind that you the door is secured. The machine will even give you a countdown to when the wash is finished.

There is the traditional Perspex window, I like the idea of being able to see the washing going round, it's very theraputic.

Hotpoint do have a website you may want to look at :-


Please see this one for all your Hotpoint spares:-


I haven't had to use the spares site as yet. The free guarantee lasts for just one year.

All things considered, this has been a very good machine, it does just what it should, doesn't vibrate across the kitchen, and is still easy to move it when you have to clean behind it. I have owned Hotpoint washers in the past, and find that spares are easy to obtain, plus they are affordable. I can recommend this washer to all.