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Houston, We Have No Problem!

Reviewing: Laminar Research X Plane [For The I Pod Touch]  |  Rating:
By metsrule08 on
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When I first thought about attempting to fly a plane on an iPod Touch, I thought it would consist of me taking off, crashing, and regretting spent $9.99 on X-Plane 9.0. What I didn't expect was that I would be able to land on almost my first time, or that I would be going back for X-Plane Airliner. This easy to use app is everything you would expect. Approaching a landing to JFK with a 777 never gets boring, and neither does a scenic view of Hawaii with a small private jet!

This app is not perfect though. The two versions I have see an update every few months, and there are no other planes, cities, or airports: just runways. I also recomend they get some sort-of passenger reports. Another problem is when you crash, you just get an error message. They should either shoot you back into the air [like the computer version of Microsoft's FSX] or an explosion. One of the unrealistic things of this game, is there is no stalling..: you can do a backflip with a 747!!

Beside those problems, I really like these apps, and recommend them to anyone who has an iPod Touch/iPhone and is semi-interested in flying!