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How A Messy Bessie Survives!

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dizzyduck By dizzyduck on
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Tide To Go saved my bacon at work. Last year, we were expecting a very important guest. I got up early, dressed carefully and started down the road with my cup of coffee. What I didn't plan for was my travel mug leaking on my white blouse. I was getting ready to turn around and go home to re-dress, when I thought about that commercial with the girl cleaning up her blouse before she has to give a presentation. I though, "What's there to lose? At the worst I will still have to go home." I stopped at the first open grocery store I saw, ran in and quickly purchased a Tide To Go pen. Back in my car, I opened it up and read the directions. I blotted up the excess coffee with a tissue and started rubbing the Tide To Go pen back and forth. To my amazement the stain disappeared after a couple of swipes, leaving only a wet spot that I dried with the hand dryer in the ladies room when I got to work. No harm, no foul!

Since then I have been a true believer. I keep a Tide to Go in my desk and my car. When I travel, it is in my luggage somewhere. I have used it often on common stains, like coffee, tea, soft drinks and it works great. Because the stain gets treated right away, it doesn't have a chance to set in and ruin your clothes.

If you are a messy Bessie like me, Tide To Go is a real life saver.