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How About That Healthy Energy Drink Act?

Reviewing: A.C.T Healthy Energy Drink Mini Box A.C.T. (Advanced Cell Therapy) Healthy Energy Drink 17g Pouches (5 Packets Per Mini Box)  |  Rating:
Ken Perrone By Ken Perrone on
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I originally started with this company because of the product and stayed with them because of the opportunities they offer their distributors.

A friend of mine asked me to try this fantastic energy drink a couple years back. She said if I didn't like it she would not mention it again. Thinking this would be an easy way to get her off my back, I agreed to try the drink. She sent me a few samples and I loved the stuff. I signed up as a free distributor to be able to buy the product for myself at wholesale prices, which I do to this day. I really had no intention of selling it. Being in my 60's I use to get fatigued about mid day from my normal routine and have to take a nap to get my energy back. No more naps!! I started taking the ACT energy drink about 9-10am every morning. It comes in a powder and I've taken it with milk, juice and water. I like the milk and water best. The suggested dosage they recommended on the packet was to strong so instead of their suggested dose of 4 oz twice daily I took the whole packet with 12-16 oz once a day. It was a much smoother blend and it gave me plenty of get up and go. The best part was the price, as a distributor one packet cost me only $1. I could not find anything on the market to compare to that price, and that is delivered right to my door. They have since come out with the cans which run a little higher but have the same great taste and results.

My wife and I use the product every day. We take it before we go to the gym every day and it gives us the lift we need to stay on track and not loose that momentum. No more feeling fatigued after a strenuous work out. We come home refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the day.

In closing I must mention one more thing. When we first started taking ACT my mother was living with me. She was 88 at that time. She was always complaining about being tired and she had what I called the old peoples shuffle. You know they slide their feet rather than picking them up and laying them down. Well I talked her into trying this ACT drink. Everyone noticed a big improvement. She started walking normally and had much more energy than before. She started buying the stuff for herself from me and was actually my first customer. It has been close to two years now and she still takes the ACT first thing she gets up in the morning. She prefers milk. She claims she not only gets the energy but with the milk gets her calcium as well. She will be 90 in December and still going strong.

How much do I believe in this product?? Well I have my mom, my wife, my daughter, my son, his wife and several other members of my family taking the stuff. I guess you could say I believe it is an outstanding product and would recommend it to anyone. By the way my son is a diabetic and it is safe for diabetics as well because it has almost no sugar and the little it does have comes from the fruits in the form of frutose .

If you haven't tried ACT, you don't know what your missing. Why not have that energy you had a few years back. It's not really lost just misplaced.