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How Can One Little Mole Make Such A Big Mess?

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I could have screamed a few weeks ago when I backed up out of the garage to go to work and saw the overnight development of giant mole hills along the side of our driveway!! How such a teeny little animal can create such havoc in someone's yard is hard to believe. If you've never had a mole, consider yourself lucky. If you have mole problems we would recommend the Choker Loop Mole Trap by Nash.

When we first purchased this trap about 10 years ago we had great success catching quite a few moles and keeping our yard pest free for several years. We've used the same Nash mole trap each time we had a problem and we pulled it off the garage shelf again a few weeks ago. The box looks worse for wear but the trap itself looks really good for being 10 years old and in the ground to catch those little varmints!

We like this Nash product because:

It's made in the USA!

The galvanized construction and cast aluminum base of the choker loop trap has a lifetime warranty against less than perfect workmanship or material. Since we've had this trap for 10 years, I'd say it's a keeper.

This type of trap goes completely underground within the mole tunnels which keeps it safe from neighboring kids and pets. Our kids are grown and gone but we have lots of little ones on our street so if they can't see the trap then they won't be tempted to check it out.

The set up is very fast and easy and will trap moles going in either direction of the tunnel they are in.

There is no bait needed and we are firm believers in not baiting animals to kill them.

The dimensions of the base are 9" x 5" and 6-1/2" high.

Our neighbor recommended this trap to us when we started having problems. It's one that is used by friends and family which tells me it's a highly popular and effective mole trap. Now, as for the mole(s) that caused so much trouble in our yard a few weeks ago, we caught one mole but kept resetting the trap for about a week. The trap was sprung several times with no results. For the time being our yard is free of mole hills so the trap is back on the shelf.........until next time!!