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How To Cook Diet Foods With T Fal.

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Carling Kalicak By Carling Kalicak on
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So you want to know how to cook diet foods without all the headaches? Look no further the device has been invented and it's kn own as the T-fal Vitacuisine. It is a unique cooking device that steams almost every kind of food product, the results of the food? Delicious! This 7 piece stack steamer has 4 cooking trays designed for any size of vegetable, fruit, meats, fish, rice, desserts and steamed buns. The package comes with a recipe book including 2 national languages that gives you healthy, easy to make meals with nutritional facts on each recipe, along with a cooking chart for BASIC foods. The recipe book is user friendly divided by daily dishes from breakfast to lunch, dinner, and snack-time. There has been days when all I do is keep adding water to the steamer, rinsing out the pots and making every thing I eat that day from it, it's the most fantastic kitchen device I own! This one is my secret, not only does the steamer pre-cook 'everything' drawing all fats and oils out then re-basting it with steam (yum) if your a fan of juicy barbecue ribs, or barbecue chicken with the Vitacuisine you can steam the food first instead of boiling. This removes all of the harmful fats and bacteria while locking in the flavours making it nearly impossible to burn on the barbecue or in the oven giving you the healthiest, most delicious meats without the risk to your heart. Vitacuisine literally has removed Salts and dry rubs which are harmful to your body from my life, using fresh vegetables like lemon, onions, garlic etc. to season is what enjoying food is all about! You feel wrong with every bite but there's no repercussions just extra energy, healthier bowel movements, stronger bones, and most importantly keeping your heart fat-free by using natural oils to cook.

The T-fal Vitacuisine cooks most foods, even corn on the cob in about 25-40 minutes and with the removable trays you just throw your entire dinner in different ones, spin the timer sit back and relax! Great product for those who live a fast paced life and want to maintain a healthy weight, with no time to clean-up it is dish washer friendly.