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How To Enhance Values Morality In Youth Settings

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I receive an order from my client about 6 years ago to translate PART TWO-7 of this book into Indonesian because he have a great interesting to this book. Although this book have been published at 1996, but nowadays the content is applied into many recent modern schools curriculum.

Dr. Kirschenbaum has lectured and conducted workshops on values education throughout the US and Canada, also Sweden, Israel, Venezuela, Philippines and Australia.

Depart from research's result that show (among others) :

(1.) Two dozen suburban high school atheletes scored points for each of their sexual conquests, running up with totals of 50 and 66, through seduction, date rape, group rape and even having sex with a 10 years old girl (2.) Teenage smoking has been increasing since 1988 (3.) 48% of the high school class of 1990 admitted having taken illegal drugs at some time in their lives. One out of four 12 to 17 year olds used alcohol within the past month

and many similar results have moved Dr.Kirschenbaum to take a more serious attention to education, specifically in youth school setting.

There are many committed educators and youth workers who would like to help address youth problems in schools and other setting but feel powerless in the face of parent apathy, negative models in the media and in the sports industry, peer pressure, youth unemployment and violence. On a more personal level, many feel powerless in their own lives to counteract these negative forces in raising their own children and teenagers.

From 100 ways offered to face the problems, Dr.Kirschenbaum divided the ways into 5 part : How to "Incalculating Values and Morality" (consist of 34 points), "Modeling Values and Morality" (consist of 21 points), then how to "Facilitating Values and Morality" (consist of 30 points), this is the part which I translated for my client; "Skills for value Development and Moral Literacy" (consist of 10 points) and finally Dr.Kirschenbaum show us how to "Developing a Values Education Program" that many parts of this point have applied in many modern schools, consist of 5 points : The values Education Committee - Keep Parents and Community Informed - Parent and Community Involvement - Meeting Basic Needs and Evaluate the Results.

This book is very useful for Teachers who face many difficulties in youth school environment, as I see happen in almost every junior high school and high school in my country.