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How To Instantly Become 25 More Patriotic

Reviewing: Grand Central Publishing (October 9, 2007) Isbn: 0446580503  |  Rating:
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To instantly become 25% more patriotic apparently you open the cover of I Am America (And So Can You!). At least that's what it told me. This book told me many things. Ridiculous things. I laughed.

Stephen Colbert is not for everyone. His humor is over the top, aggressive, and outrageous sometimes. That is why I like his show The Colbert Report. The first thing you need to understand if you don't already is that he plays a character. Some people take his outlandish humor seriously and would become offended if they read this book looking for actual opinions on things such as religion, homosexuals, and family. So, relax, it's just a joke. The attitudes Colbert has about things are pretty much opposite of mine. I'm pretty liberal and often fit the criteria of the target his conservative humor is bashing, but I still find his punditry quite funny. Colbert is convinced he can fix America, and that his opinions are, naturally, better than everyone else's.

The book was an easy read, only being 240 pages. I wished it was a little longer because I finished it too quickly, but after too long the spoofs would get old, so I deem it an appropriate length. I often laughed out loud while reading. There are many footnotes and tangents that are sometimes pretty clever. The pictures are entertaining as well (I liked the fake moustache). There are also testimonials (from the world's oldest man, and even God himself), charts and tables (Things That Are Trying To Turn Me Gay) and stickers.

You should probably have some experience watching his show (which airs on Comedy Central) before reading this book, or it might not make as much sense. It's pretty ridiculous, but it was a nice change from the types of books I usually read and have to read for school.