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How To Tell A Turning Point

Reviewing: Jon Hein Jump The Shark: When Good Things Go Bad  |  Rating:
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Have you ever wondered about the moments in which your favorite shows have taken a nosedive in quality? Jon Hein shows many moments in his book, Jump the Shark: When Good Things Go Bad. This phrase, jump the shark, was named after the infamous moment in Happy Days "...when Fonzie literally jumped over a shark on water skis, " and is known for when Happy Days took a turn for the worst. I think it's funny how on the front cover they mention this quote and when you go on the page for Happy Days, Hein tells you, "Close this book and read the title aloud. Now read it again." That really coins the phrase, ‘nuf said. This book is full of hilarious examples and even includes real life people like Pete Rose when he got caught gambling on baseball games while he was active (as a manager) in Major League Baseball. You can even see some examples of shows jumping the shark for free on the website, http://www.jumptheshark.com/.

Unlike other books, this will have several hundred entries that are about 1-2 pages long per entry. This makes the table of contents especially helpful for quickly finding people and other categories. It is sorted in many different categories for you to quickly access.

This book is definitely a fun read that provides many hilarious examples that show when things take a turn for the worst by jumping the shark. The references that are boxed out are entertaining as well, such as Bill Clinton's line, "I didn't inhale." The only complaint I have is that you might have to look up these references to understand them, such as Clinton's line being a response to when he was asked if he smoked marijuana; in other words it can be a little vague if you don't know anything about the topic in question.