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How To Transfer Files From A Pc To Mac With Belkin

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My biggest fear when I switched from a PC to a Mac was having to start all over again with my files and folders. My old PC had so much information, pictures and documents stored on it which, I thought was gone forever. My husband and I talked it over with the folks at the Mac Store and they told us all we needed to do was get a Belkin Switch-to-Mac cable and we could transfer over all our files quickly and easily.

The Belkin Switch-to-Mac cable package comes with the cable, an installation CD and a quick install guide. The cable has a PC connection, A Belkin Switch-to Mac utility and a Mac connection. To use it, you start by installing a program on both your PC and your Mac. You then plug the USB cables into each machine and choose your options that will pop up on the screen. The system allows you to transfer over all of your files at once or you can individually pick and choose which ones you want to move. It transfers music, pictures, videos, document folders, mail folders, Internet Explorer bookmarks, wallpapers and desktop items. Without this cable you would need to drag and drop specific items that you want to transfer, one at a time by using an external hard drive or burning a CD of the items and moving it that way. Then you would also have to organize them and put them where you wanted once you got them to the Mac.

The whole process to transfer everything from my PC over to my Mac took about 2 hours. The time it takes varies on how much information you are trying to move. Once everything was moved over, I did have a little trouble finding everything because Macs are set up differently than PC's and I was not used to it. Once I got more comfortable with the Mac itself, I was able to find everything and reorganize any items I wanted in different places.

My husband did all the installing of the software and thought it was relatively easy. The program walked him through every step. Since we are not computer techs, I am not sure we could have moved over as much information as we did without the use of this cable. Plus, I am sure it would have taken us hours upon hours to try to move it manually so this was a real tie saver as well.

If you are switch over from a PC to a Mac, I highly recommend you spend the money to buy this cable.