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Howling At The Moon

Reviewing: Karen Mac Inerney Howling At The Moon Tales Of An Urban Werewolf  |  Rating:
By belle_morte9506 on
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The main character is an auditor named Sophie Garou (kind of cliche, I know) who has been hiding the fact that she is a werewolf from everyone around her. She drinks wolfsbane tea that her mother (a somewhat hippie-ish witch) brews for her and makes excuses for why she has to leave the city every full moon. Her mother gets in trouble after a councilman she made a love potion for ups and dies, and Sophie has to get her out of the mess.

Honestly, some parts of her characters' lives were hard for me to sympathize with. Her best friend is often compared to Angelina Jolie, and her human boyfriend is a lawyer. Sophie herself is all about looks and status.

All in all though, Sophie does end up bumbling around a bit, and proving she isn't totally a snob. Her relationship with her mother, and the development of the story balance well, and after a while, you get kind of sucked into it. Easy to read and entertaining, I will most likely look for the sequel to this book.