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Hoya Skylight Lens Filter 1 B S Hmc

Reviewing: Hoya Skylight Filter 1 B, 67mm, S Hmc  |  Rating:
buckeyefan By buckeyefan on
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I bought this filter on recommendation from a friend, and I am so glad I did! With my new photography hobby, I have purchased a few new lenses recently. These lenses were not inexpensive by any means, and although I was using a lens hood while shooting, I had no protection for the lenses themselves.

I had heard about lens filters, but the ones I had seen were more for creating special effects, like colors or star lights, etc. A photographer friend suggested that I get a skylight filter to leave on my lens at all times to protect the lens from dust, debris and moisture. It makes sense really; a lens filter for less than $40, versus replacing a $400 lens that is scratched.

I bought this particular Hoya lens because it has multiple coatings on the glass, which reduces lens glare and ghosting. Of course, it is for that reason the most expensive one, but again relatively cheap compared to the lens.

I was nervous when I saw that the filter is tinted pink- I didn't want that to show up on photos, but was very pleased when I saw the results. This skylight filter works very well in outdoors shots because it decreases the blueish tint you get on photos taken in the sun, and gives it a little bit of a warmer tone. I didn't notice a difference for indoor shots, which is what I was hoping for.

The lens filter is very easy to use- you simply screw it onto the front of your lens. Make sure to check the size of your lens though, because they come in different sizes. I leave mine on at all times for protection, and you can still stack other filters on top of the skylight, and still use your lens cap and lens hood with no problems. Definitely a good investmenst to have a Hoya Skylight Filter to protect your lenses.