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Hoyle Puzzle And Board Games

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Rae Hall By Rae Hall on
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This is a fun piece of software. You play games either by yourself or with computer players like a cowboy, a dinosaur, a foreign lady and man, or a bear etc. I believe there our about a dozen characters. You can make your own characters. You pick a head shape, eye, nose, mouth, clothes and voice. As you play games you earn play money and you can use it to unlock feactures including decorations for the board where you play cards, background music etc.

Some of the games included in this piece of software are variations of name brand games. There is a spin off of Scrabble called Wordox, a spinoff of Sorry called Bump' em, a spinoff of break out games called Time Breaker, a copy of Tetris called Panic, a variation of Yahtzee called Yacht, a variation of BattleShip called Battling Ships etc. There are other games like Zilch, Sodoku, Crosswords, Anagrams, Edge Tiles, Gravity Tile, Mahjongg Tiles, MazeRaider and Maze Racer, 5 Solitaire games, The incredible Machine: Even More Contraptions, Word Searches, Checkers, Chess, Chinese Checkers, Pachisi, Reversi, Rummy squares, Runes of Avalon, 5 kinds of Pool and other games. Some of these games have varying levels of difficulty you play at such as easy, medium and hard.

This is a fun piece of software. Some of the games are not as fun as others such as a crazy Hangman game where the puzzles really don't seem to have much in common with the answers. lol However with the Hangman game two people can play and they can make up their own Hangman puzzle for each other. Overall, This is a fun piece of software.

The box claims this is rated E for everyone. There is supposedly some mild language. The reason for this is the people you play against you can choose to complement them or insult them orhit them in the face with a pie or a boxing glove. I don't think the language is that bad but if I remember one of the characters if you insult them they say: "You keep that up and you will get a pop in the kisser". Thats the worst I have heard so far so I think this is fairly suitable for most people.