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Hp Desktop: Pavilion F1903

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Major Robertson By Major Robertson on
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HP Desktop

AT first this HP computer looked great. It was sleek, thin, and even had this cool power up power button for the monitor on the screen. It was light weight and pretty looking. When plugging this baby up I had to go through many, confusing, on-screen instructions. It took a lot of reading from the manual to start it up. It worked well or a while maybe a year, but then all the problems started to occur. I could not download many files from known sources like Microsoft Word and iTunes. I ended up having to take it to Best Buy to get it repaired. After receiving a hefty bill it teemed to work smoothly again. Then about a month latter it stopped working completely. Taking it back to the store did no good at all.They said it could not be repaired and that I needed to purchase a new computer. The people at Bust Buy were, however, very cooperative. After this had happened I had read about HP. They have received a lot of complaints about their products. It seems that they are not reliable in the long run. You are much better off buying any computer that is not a HP. HP also charges a lot of money for new software that easily gets outdated and ridiculous fees for nothing important at all. Do NOT buy a HP.