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Hp Pavilion Could Do Better

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ooncha By ooncha on
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I got this laptop for Christmas for a pretty good price!

I have to admit, the design really caught my eye and compare to everything else Best Buy has, this laptop looked pretty sexy! hp really knows how to sell their stuff and I've heard good things about it. This is my first hp computer and my first laptop. When I first opened it, I notice that the battery was bulky. When I put it on, it lifted the laptop up as like I added high heels to a sneaker! Maybe that's why is was cheap. Also the graphics card wasn't all that great. I couldn't play a number of 3D games which doesn't please me. The heavy battery gave the laptop so much weight! Its a little heavy for me and this was one of the thinner looking laptops. It isn't very fun to carry around outside my home or in the airport. My shoulders would cramp and I'd have to change the way I hold it. I've only had this laptop for a few months and alread it takes a few minutes for it to start up! I have to get programs to help reduce the time and it only be temporary until it starts to take awhile again. It also heats up after using it for couple hours but I guess that's a typical thing for a laptop to do. The touchpad is super sensitive and sometimes i would be moving the cursor around and it suddenly click on something probably by my finger pressure. Same goes for the shortcut buttons that have a bueback light above the keyboards. My fingers would accidentally brush pass them and QuickPlay would load up! While I was typing, the "e" key suddenly flies off as I was pressing it. I accidentaly dropped something on the keyboard one time and the Window's Start key flies off! The keys do come off easily but they're really easy to put back in. That's basically most of the bad things I've come across.

And now for the good part! I've already mentioned that the design is really attractive, and it has this rust, metallic look that I really like. It also has this little remote to control when you watch movies! I'm pretty please with the scren size and resolution, it's widescreen which makes it wonderful to watch movies with and I'm a big movie watcher. The brightness and contrast are better than my old computer. Things are clear and sharp! This is important to me being an artist, clearity of colors and quality of my art is important when I do them digitally! My art looks great, and my movies are great! The battery life is very favorable! When I left the power setting to "Power Saver" the battery lasted most of the day which surprised me. For a bulky battery, it does a darn good job! For the price I paid for this laptop, it's done a very well job despite all the bad things I've said about it. It fully satisfies my need of this computer. Though it is definitely not one for games or anything that requires alot of RAM and work out of the computer.