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Hp Pavilion Dm3 Pink Affordable, Portable Elagance

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sunnydot12 By sunnydot12 on
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View of the design on back of the laptop

I would rather use my HP Pavillion than a home computer. It is portable, comfortable, affordable, and I absolutely LOVE the design!

It has an edgy design embedded on the front (top) of the laptop and the bottom on the inside that elaborates and highlights the laptop. The design also goes well the with pink-chrome color. Also has a mic and cam that work excellent.

I am very impressed with the speed too, I always thought that in since it was so affordable and on clearance, it would be terribly slow. I was wrong, actually. I am very particular in the laptop era, I always need to the perfect technology with just the right look, size, speed (definitely speed), and durability. It airs out alright and nothing barely ever 'not responds'. Once and a while I accidently catch a virus from Facebook, or ect. my laptop handles it very well and withstands excellent until I get it removed. The time it takes to get from website to website is only like 3 seconds. Although it takes about 2-5 min to start-up computer (I hate waiting!) it's just perfect in speed.

durability is something I NEED, I have cats (whom, when I sit down on the couch, they like to get in the way and try to sit on my laptop), and I have a accident-prone reputation with laptops! I always am dropping them, pressing on keys a bit too hard, spills, and squeezing them into the cracks of my couch. I give this a full 5 stars for durability, I have spilled water 5 times on it and it has handled VERY well! Although one of my keys it missing from my fat cat, it has held together VERY well. I am impressed now that I look at it! Haha! I'm surprised it survived this one time my cat pushed it off the top shelf... :P

Anyway, I don't really care about memory since i just surf the web most the time but I've had this laptop for a little over a year and i still feel like its brand new.

Another thing I love is the size. It's not too big so it feels awkward and not too small to feel 'different' so everyone stares at you. At first you may think the screen is too small but then later you realize if it's any bigger it'll look like clown shoes.

The only few things I have a grudge against is probably Sounds, Programs, Features, & Battery Life. The sound, being very low. I had to buy SPEAKERS for it! Unless you hold the bottom of the laptop up to your ear all the time. And Unless you live in complete silence, so you can hear a pin drop, this laptop would be ok. On headphones (which I use) is perfect though. The Features are ok it's just that it has NO CD HOLE! Like you can't play CDs on it, it doesn't have one! But it does have a Mic and Cam. And the programs, the only good thing it comes with is HP SMART WEBCAM. But it doesn't come with other things HP computers would usually come with like HP GAMES, ect. Battery Life is only like 3 hours for me. I'm not sure exactly but it ain't a lot. I plug-in my laptop all the time so it's not MUCH of a problem but when I'm on the go it gets annoying.

Overall, great Laptop for its PRICE. I love the looks great too and the size-those being my favorite. If you're looking for speed, durability, memory, and looks this is for you business types, web surfers, program users, and internet fanatic. For those looking for loud music players, DVD, movie watching, portability without charging it, and games, this probably will not be for you.