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Hp Pavilion Dv4

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By 0mani on
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The dv4 comes in two colors, Onyx and Bronze, and I personally think both look as good as the other. I did however want to see what others thought and did a little unscientific survey. I asked some friends of mine (23 people to be exact 11 gals 12 guys). I asked which they preferred. 17 said the Onyx. Every single guy liked the Onyx and 6 of the women preferred the Bronze.

The product is available with AMD (dv4z) and Intel (dv4t) processors, ati 3200 hd video card and up to 4 gigs of memory. When you open the dv4z you are presented with a nice 14.1 inch widescreen high definition monitor. Something I have noticed recently with HP Notebooks is that all of their monitors regardless if you get the Brightview, Brightview infinity or the LED Brightview, is how vibrant they are. So even if you are trying to save money and get the cheaper of the three options you really aren't going to have less of an experience using the notebook. However if you are into watching HD movies I would recommend the Briteviw Infinity or LED Briteview. If you are battery conscious like me I'd suggest the LED Briteview as you will get better battery life with it. I think this product is very workable.

To sum up the design (and also to provide a point of reference), my own tastes in notebooks, on a purely visual level, have tended to lean toward Sony, Asus and Apple (though I'd never buy a white or mostly white laptop), but I like the appearance of this laptop as much as any from the fore mentioned manufacturers.

The glossy WXGA LCD of this review model was excellent, flawless really, and a pleasure to view. I didn't mind scrolling more than I'm used to because of the lower than I'm used to 1280x800 screen resolution. Except when I was actually doing my nine-to-five-type computing at work, and when I had the choice, I rarely used anything but the dv6000t as a PC during the two weeks that I had it.

This was my first experience with a Core 2 Duo CPU, the T7400 in this case. (Please note: while this review model contains the T7400, the T7200 is the highest available Core 2 Duo CPU when configuring the dv6000t on HP's website at the moment) The T7400 never faltered, happily zipping along while simultaneously scanning for viruses, calculating Pi to 32 million digits, surfing the Internet and editing an OpenOffice.org document or two. This is very similar to my experience with the Core Duo T2X00 processors, which also performed like champs, but the Core 2 Duo will get you 64-bit processing, which will eventually be useful.