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Hp Pavilion Dv6000 Laptop

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lexxia By lexxia on
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The HP Pavilion dv6000 could be a great little laptop where it not for the issues that have surrounded it since it hit store shelves in 2005. I own a 2007 model purchased in April of that year and unfortunately the defect that has plagued this laptop since it was introduced appears yet to have been resolved by HP. My Pavilion is equipped with a 1.8mhz Processor, 2Gig of RAM, AMD Turion 64 Mobile Technology (Wireless Network), NVidia GeForce Video with a resolution of 1280x800, only a 60gig Hard drive though, Media Center XP Operating System from Microsoft which I like, Altec Lansing speaker system which put out reasonable sound, CD-DVD/r+rw drive, 2 US 2.0 USB Ports, 15" screen with True Bright screen which I love. Not a top of the line by any means, it was suitable enough for the purpose I intended it for...as a portable means of bringing development sites to clients for review.

HP recalled this particular model in late 2007 and also extended the Warranty for a year, but support provided in my case resulted in 8 pages of 'fixes' and a number of 'user error' claims that HP stated did not pertain to the defect. Issues that I've experienced include: Wireless failure now totally dead thus connect to the net now via network cable, CD-DVD burn failure, video degradation (Pink screen), random shut-downs and failure to boot up, CPU fan continuous running (BIOS upgrade fails to fix it), USB Ports failing sporadically sometimes several times a day, lock-ups, poor response times, RAM degradation. Despite daily maintenance (virus/adware/malware/trojan and Defragmentation checks) the system continues to bog down with CPU useage running at 100% even without memory intensive programs operating.

I chose this laptop because of its affordability and the HP name. This unit appeared satisfactory for its purpose as a production unit only during the first few months after I purchased it. Unfortunately, it's continuing instabilities has made this system frustrating to use and unreliable.

Newer models (manufactured after late 2007) may have had this defect corrected but complaints about these issues and others as late as May 2008 appear to indicate that the problems remain.

I'd recommend anyone considering this unit research it thoroughly before purchasing. If purchasing I'd also make certain that extra warranty coverage (gratis) be provided because it's quite likely the systems purchased even now will require repair of this defect. If already purchased, I'd still recommend researching the issues and contacting HP immediately should any of them arise. Upon contacting HP Support, ensure that you verify (several times if necessary) that your Model falls within their support region otherwise, like me, you'll have to deal with a 2nd support center which will require you repeat the procedures HP deems imperative before they will consider repair. Further, repairs that have been obtained from HP eventually have resulted in poor results with continuing problems upon return of the unit to the owner. In some cases workmanship has been negligent.

I can only say, Buyer Beware where this system is concerned.

Update On Nov 01, 2008: Update Nov 1/08: The backlight on this laptop just died leaving the screen black. At 2 years old it has more wrong with it than my 6 year old Dell laptop which is still working perfectly for my daughter. The backlight will cost approx $60 for the part, but I'm not confident that the defective mother board will last which would make the added repair a waste. HP continues to set up hoops about the known defect so moving on, my next laptop will not be an HP - as for this one...maybe I'll give it to a computer repair student, never know he might actually make a real machine out of it :)