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Hp Pavilion Dv9000 Review From A Student

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By Amadeo Bellotti on
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The Pavilion dv9000 is a great desktop replacement. When bought it comes preloaded with Windows Vista. This being my first computer with Vista I kept it on for about a year before I got rid of it and installed Ubuntu, but this had nothing to do with the laptop. The keyboard is abosulutely great for typing because of its number pad. It is really helpful for Excel sheets and lab reports.The only issue with the keyboard is the right shift key is about as small as a normal letter key.

Its 17 inch widescreen is great for watching movies and tv shows. Its resolutionis a little abnormal from the normal 1024x764 because of its widescreen format (the resolution I use is 1200x900).

One of the issues with this laptop is its battery life. The stock 9 Cell Battery is ok it only lasts 2 hours if your using low LCD backlight and even less time if your watching movies. I finally got sick of the low battery life and bought a 12 Cell Battery off of Amazon and now it lasts 3+ hours while watching a movie.

Another issue is the weight of a laptop, because it is a 17 inch desktop replacement it is no easy thing to lug around. Its fine for carrying around the house or to throw in a bag for a business trip but I cannot see how this laptop can be carried from class to class for a college student or even highschool student.

A plus that this computer has is its processor. It runs a AMD Turion 64 x2 which means it is dual core. So it is quite good for programmers.

Its 2 Gigs of ram is good for basic tasks with Vista but hard to play games on.

the 120 Gig harddrive is split up into 2 partitions. One 105 Gig one as your main and another 10 gig one for hp recovery.