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Hp Photosmart R507 Digital Camera

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Micah Scott By Micah Scott on
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For Christmas this past year I received a HP Photosmart R507 digital camera. I have used digital cameras before but this is the first one that I have owned. This is not a top of the line digital camera, but for my first digital camera, ease of use, and considering it was a gift, it does a fair job.

One of the things I like best about the camera is the size. It is very compact, fits in the palm of my hand, and in fact the plug-in charger is bigger than the camera itself. It was very easy to learn how to operate this camera, even for one like me who believes in trying it out first and reading the directions later. The auto focus and flash work very well and close up pictures turn out very nice. It also stores over 500 pictures. You can also record up to sixty seconds of audio and can also shoot video clips in which case the audio is recorded automatically. Learning how to download pictures to the computer was also very easy. It came with the cord to hook up to the computer and the instructions and prompts were easy to follow and complete.

There are a few issues I have with this particular model however, though the only way to solve these would be to spend more on a different model. One issue is the size of the view screen. It is very small. To give you a real example, you cannot set a quarter flatly on the screen, it is not that tall. I have seen similar sized cameras where the screen takes up basically the entire back of the camera; this screen takes up perhaps a fourth of the back. The other negative is the distance you can take pictures from. It is rather limited, especially if the lighting isn’t particularly good.

Overall this camera has served most of my photo needs adequately. It is a nice beginner camera, especially for taking photos around the house. It is easy to learn the basics with but if you already have a digital camera or need one for greater distances this isn’t the camera for you. If you are interested in finding out more specifics such as, lens size and memory, they can be found by doing a simple search of HP Photosmart on the web.