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Hp Pro Book

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Mister Tickle By Mister Tickle on
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This HP ProBook is just an average laptop. I don’t see anything special in it. I actually just tested this out and I didn’t like it for a couple of reasons. Before we get into that, here are the specifications so you have a basic idea of what this laptop offers.

It features a 15.6 inch screen, which is average size. It runs on AMD Athlon. This is a dual core processor and the process speed is at 2.2 GHz. It comes with a 320 GB hard disk drive and 2 GB memory. It runs on the 32 bit Windows 7 Professional. From the details, I am not happy with this laptop. The hard disk space is simply too small to do anything on it. I usually run out of space on a 500 GB hard disk so the 320 GB hard disk simply isn’t enough. The 2.2 GHz processor speed isn’t the greatest either. I still experience lag time, freeze ups, and slow start ups of programs. This is not a problem with smaller programs, but it is a problem with quite a few programs.

I like how this laptop comes with a DVD burner. I can burn CDs and DVDs easily now. The speed is average. Larger files take a longer time compared to smaller files. I noticed that it can be loud when burning a disk. It makes a lot of loud noises. This continues until the disk is burned.

Connecting to the internet is very easy. This laptop has an internal wireless adapter so there is no need to make a separate purchase. I have to give it a few seconds for the adapter to find available networks. I find that this scan takes slightly longer compared to the scan time on my other computer. Internet download speed and upload speed will depend on the connection. The better the connection is will result a faster the speed.

I did notice pixelated scenes when watching a movie. The video quality is decent. It is slightly above average, but is not fully high definition yet. I don’t find the laptop video playback quality significantly lower compared to the television. It isn’t very noticeable. However, you will notice the difference if you do a side by side comparison.

This laptop has excellent battery life. I managed to get 5 hours out of this laptop. If I surf the web and if the wireless is turned on, the battery life drains quickly and I would only be able to get two and a half to three hours. Watching videos and using the speakers to listen to music also drains the battery life. I got five hours of battery life by just using Microsoft Word with the wi-fi off.