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Hp Slimline S3200n Pc

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My 'puter died right on time: when we were supposed to make those nifty Christmas cards with your family photo and some sort of update on how everyone is doing. That was a bummer. What can you when your four year-old motherboard gives out? Not much other than buy a new computer.

So that we did and turned it into a Christmas present for the family. We went to Best Buy, looked around, and saw this machine that was half-laptop, half desktop. "Wow", I said. "It looks like a Compaq, except it's been working out to fit into a size six case". And that is really was. The HP Slimline S3200n is a pretty strong PC, except about 1 third smaller than your standard desktop tower.

After weighing the options, we went with it because it came with Vista and it wasn't a bad price for getting a new computer for under $600. It didn't take long to hook up and I must say I was impressed by the power this Jenny Craig version of a PC had! 1 MB of RAM, 320 GB Hard Drive, Dual Core processor, and even the integrated graphics weren't too shabby! Even the sound system was hyped up with high-def sound!I liked this PC from the start.

However, I did see a few draw backs three months later. Sure, it came with 1MB of RAM, but it took half of that just to run Vista! My PC wasn't that much faster than the last machine I had just because of the Vista program. Vista is very useful and full of wonderful tools, but it takes some work to keep it going full speed.

So I upgraded the memory, which posed another problem. You can't get just any size memory for the Slimline and it is hard as heck to upgrade. The pieces are slightly bigger than laptop pieces, but they are such a tight fit it takes awhile to perform ANY kind of upgrade. Maybe Slimline was a Jenny Craig PC that hadn't lost all the weight it claimed and was hiding it under a spandex belt. If I wanted to upgrade the graphics card, that was going to be more difficult because the half-height cards are hard to find in stores.

However, this is still a good computer with great family entertainment potential. I could see me in the near future putting the Slimline in the living room and hooking it up to my large high-def plasma screen ( I DID say the future) and showing family photos while playing a high-def soundtrack. I would recommend this as your next PC, just get some memory to go with it!