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Hp's W2207 22 Inch Widescreen Lcd Monitor

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I purchased the w2207 from Newegg about two years ago. I have been more pleases with this monitor than any other I have owned. If HP seems to mess some things up (ahem - tech support) one thing they are amazingly good at is design. The w2207 is simply pretty. The black bezel around the edges is a nice gloss black, with the accents is silver. I have always been a fan of anything shiny, which of course leads to the inevitable fingerprint-smudged surfaces. This is a monitor, however, and I don't touch it much. Ok, enough of the looks you say. How does it perform?

The screen itself is glossy as well, which makes the contrast seem very good, with nice deep blacks. Of course, this gloss makes it difficult to see in bright lighting, but that sort of thing is easy to fix as monitors are almost always indoors. The only gripe I have is that when the lights are dim and you first turn it on (so the screen is solid black), well, the screen isn't solid black. There is some slight bleeding of light from the extreme right and left sides. This is not noticeable whatsoever if there is anything on screen, but I was watching one of the Harry Potter movies, and during one dark scene I did notice the bleeding. It is there, hiding behind all your apps. The software that came with the monitor is so-so, but who really uses that anyway? One nice feature is the monitor has an orientation sensor, so when you spin it so it is taller then it is wide, the aspect ratio or your screen changes as well. This is especially useful for the programmers out there. Nice tall screens rule when you want to read lengthy code.

The response time of the monitor is good - I don't notice any pointer trails at all, and I don't think there is any blurring in fast motion, although I don't have the equipment to test for that. Also, this monitor has two video-in ports on the back, one VGA and one DVI. I find this handy because I use it for my desktop most of the time, and also can plug my laptop in without the hassle of switching cables. It also has built-in speakers of high-end laptop quality and it also harbors a two-port USB 2.0 hub. I find this particularly useful because my desktop is not always within reach.

This monitor is immensely heavy. Weighing in at just over 20 lbs, it is fairly awkward to carry. Of course, if you don't regularly go to LAN parties, this isn't much of a problem. You just don't want to move it around much. I think one major contributor to the weight is the internal power supply. Although it is convenient not having an external power brick (ahem - Xbox 360), it does increase the weight of the monitor significantly.