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Htc Sensation 4g

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By googleenzo on
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The Htc Sensation stunning design.

The Htc sensation is one of the most powerful phones on the market. It is the second fastest phone on the market after the htc evo 3d which as a few more megabytes of random access memory.

This phone is decently sized its large but still pocketable. It is quite thin compared to the evo 3d. It is also lighter than most phones. The build quality is remarkable. It feels solid in the hand and great upon your face when making a phone call. The touch screen keyboard however does not match up to the iPhone's at times it is just not as accurate or as fast as the ios keyboard. Also just being a touch Screen keyboard makes it harder to type but on the bright side you get to have a larger screen and a thinner design.

This phone being touch screen makes the durability a hard one to awnser. If it drops on its back side it which consists of metal and hard plastic im pretty sure it will survive with a few scratches. But a 3 foot drop on to its screen side will defiantly end up with a nice big crack in the digitizer.

The battery life on this phone is terrible this phone when watching videos or heavy use will last 4 hours. If minimally used for a few calls it will last about 8 hours. If you are a heavy user you will need to charge this phone several times a day. I have had htc phones in the past and I can strongly say that they are build strong and are reliable. This phone could with proper use work fine for 3 to 5 years.

The reception is great for calls and texting but in most places the 4g and 3g aren't exactly blazing fast. Also in some areas you would be lucky to even have 3g. The voice quality from this phone is also great. It has 2 microphones on the back which cancel background noise for an optimal talking experience.

The display is great it is large text is crisp thanks to its qhd display. Colors are vibrant and pop out at you. Everything is great except for the viewing angles. Tlilt it a few degrees and you can see everything wash away. The screen is great but still not as good as the Samsung galaxies super amoled plus display. Also the extra screen restate eats up at the battery life faster than smaller smartphones.

The user interface from htc is great it is smooth fast and easy to use. The new lock screen is one of the most amazing things it is extremely customizable. Also being htc their sense interface gives better widgets and standard applications than the ones that come with stock android. This phone is quite snappy it is smooth fast and it rarely lags it has one of the fastest browsers on any phone in US. The samsung galaxy s 2 even though they have similar processors the galaxy s 2 feels much snappier not that the sensation is slow but Samsung scores 1000 better in geek bench.

The bottom line Htc has made a great device but it just needs more to compete the the galaxy s 2 monster.