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Htc Touch Pro 2

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Anne Mullenniex By Anne Mullenniex on
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I upgraded my cell phone from a Blackberry 8350, which I loved, to the HTC Touch Pro 2 which I hope to keep forever! I needed the t-mobile online tutorial to overcome the learning curve--there's a LOT to this phone and LOTS to learn! I love the features; the full slide out QWERTY keyboard and adjustable tilt screen make texting fun for me--I am not the most nimble fingered and until this phone I was notorious for my typos. The large 3.6-inch touch screen is saving what eyesight I have left and I really appreciate the zoom bar for viewing my photos, videos or Google maps. For a 3.2 megapixel camera it takes excellent photos which are incredibly easy to send by MMS or SMS or email to my contacts. Having the 3G network is also awesome, as it allows me to multi-task. I don't know how many times I've responded to a text while talking on this phone! The computer interface is easy to maneuver, but I immediately had problems with upgrading the Windows-based OS. Neither t-mobile nor HTC recognize my phone's serial number, and I've noticed from trouble-shooting blogs that other customers have had the same problem. Luckily, I can still get the Marketplace and am able to access applications that I want. Apparently my only option for this particular problem is to exchange the phone. The Touch Pro 2 is perfect for business use, allowing access to multiple email accounts, quick internet browsing with Opera or Explorer, internal GPS, instant stock and weather updates. My favorite applications are a personal scheduler that I have linked to a calendar, my contacts, and my Word and Powerpoint applications. I can literally run my life from this phone. The phone is durable, but I'm playing it safe with a "high-impact durable rubber cover"--I've dropped it a several times and it's still going.